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Anatomical vocabulary

Fashion has always been an interesting vehicle for social commentary. My goal with my sewn pieces, is to convey an irreverent and thought provoking "anatomical vocabulary" on the figure.

"In the Hole"

Statistics show that women are paid, on average, seventy-two cents for every dollar earned by a man. The higher the wage bracket the wider the disparity.

The dress, "In the Hole" is simple and appropriate for the work place, but it has twenty-eight one cent size holes cut out and embroidered in red embroidery thread.

"Embroider it on his Underwear”

When he was the president of France Mr Sarkozy tried to outlaw the head scarf (aimed at Muslim women !). I embroidered a pair of satin boxer shorts (very French) with the named of every kind of headwear I knew. Even the late Queen Elizabeth often wore a headscarf.

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